Mark Spencer


Two true stories intertwine in A Haunted Love Story: The Ghosts of the Allen House.  A family moves into the famous haunted house highly skeptical, but soon their chilling personal experiences and the awe-inspiring evidence captured by paranormal investigators turn them into believers.  Then when the owners of the house think there can be no more surprises and have no expectation of ever understanding why a former resident committed suicide and why she lingers, the ghost herself reveals her story of longing, passion, and helplessness.

Mark Spencer’s breathtaking new novel, An Untimely Frost, is many things—a Southern horror story, a love story, a commentary on what divides us––but mostly it’s the tangled adventure of sixteen-year-old Cadillac as he navigates through deaths and awakenings in his cloistered hometown, Devil’s Elbow. Mark has masterfully combined colorful prose with a fast-paced plot to create a novel I simply couldn’t put down. I read it in one sitting.—Rich Marcello, author of The Beauty of the Fall

Spencer proves once again that he is a master story-teller.  An Untimely Frost will keep you up late, first to finish it, then to think about it! It has all the glorious gore of a true horror novel, but there is much more that lies beneath.  This book will leave you asking yourself:  What is real?  What is merely perceived reality?  Does true love last forever? Don't miss this one!—Rhonda G. Williams, author of Girl Brown

An Untimely Frost features vividly drawn characters in a deeply atmospheric setting. It really grabbed me. Vivid and chilling.—Barbara Barnett, Bram Stoker Award Finalist, author of The Apothecary’s Curse and The Alchemy of Glass.

An innovation for the fresh generation of readers looking for a new Walking Dead, but it is also so beautifully written that an old lady like me can dig it.—Cherri Randall, author of One Vanilla Orchid.

Mark Spencer's latest novel is a follow-up to his best-selling nonfiction A HAUNTED LOVE STORY. In GHOST WALKING, forty-nine-year-old Southern society belle Ladell Allen commits suicide on Christmas night 1948 in the wake of yet another failed love affair. The dead Ladell spends the next six decades revisiting the past, observing the living Ladell, in an attempt to understand what her purpose in life was, as well as watching the world change within and beyond her home, the Allen Mansion, as she tries to figure out what her purpose in death might be. Looking back, she is mortified by her own foolish desperation in life. Moving forward, she is touched, amazed, and horrified by the living tenants in her home, some of whom she reaches out to with affection, some of whom she terrorizes. She also interacts with other ghosts--her sister, her mother, her son, her infant brother, and her beloved papa, who persistently over the decades pulls up in front of the Allen Mansion in a ghostly black Cadillac, urging her to join him for a ride into the unknown, a ride she is unwilling to take until she has answers to her questions about the meaning of her life and death.

Trespassers, two novellas and six short stories, evokes desperate characters who have an amazing capacity to dream, hope, and surprise everyone, especially themselves, and some times in the most horrifying ways.  Characters obsess over a rusty and rotted past with a Gatsby-like belief that all can be resurrected whole and perfect. There are trespassers and those who are trespassed upon.  The reader, too, crosses a boundary of intimacy possible only in literature.