Trespassers, two novellas and six short stories, evokes desperate characters who have an amazing capacity to dream, hope, and surprise everyone, especially themselves, and some times in the most horrifying ways.  Characters obsess over a rusty and rotted past with a Gatsby-like belief that all can be resurrected whole and perfect. There are trespassers and those who are trespassed upon.  The reader, too, crosses a boundary of intimacy possible only in literature.


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      July 2014

Two true stories intertwine in A Haunted Love Story: The Ghosts of the Allen HouseA family moves into the famous haunted house highly skeptical, but soon their chilling personal experiences and the awe-inspiring evidence captured by paranormal investigators turn them into believers.  Then when the owners of the house think there can be no more surprises and have no expectation of ever understanding why a former resident committed suicide and why she lingers, the ghost herself reveals her story of longing, passion, and helplessness.

Published January 2012

In 1962, a bigamist professional wrestler struggles to jump-start his flagging career. In Oklahoma City, he’s The Masked Demon and married to moody Darlene (formerly the “lady wrestler” Darla The Goddess of Sweet Sin).  In Dallas, he’s Bible Bob and lives with sweet-natured Candy, a former Sears Roebuck sales girl fascinated with President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.  In Houston, he’s Samson The Strong Man, a former World Champion in the Southwestern United States, and married seventeen years to prim Rachel Marie, the daughter of a fire-and-brimstone  preacher.  Against all obstacles, Daryl Lee (his real name) is determined to protect and care for the women and children he loves even as his personal life spirals into a dark and comic absurdity akin to a Texas Cage Death Match.

The Masked Demon

Published October 2012